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// The Sweet Escape: Summer 2013//

This is what we are good at-planning. Days before our swimming, we made a list of people who are sure ready to join our planned escapade. Just because we want to fulfill our summer, we check all the necessary things from food, accommodation, and transportation. (Thinking that everything is A-OK) And to make the story short, we end up cramming! Yes, the unexpected number of people who want to come cause us hiatus.

I was like, “OK, I think me and my other friends need to sacrifice ourselves so that those who came in late will fit themselves”. All I remember is that we look for another jeepney just to make sure that no one will be left behind. Good vibes everybody!

So the never ending journey begins. I’m telling you, we can beat those endless running games. One of my favorite part of the ride is when the driver drives like a madman and the passengers open the ‘Empi lights”. It was like a bar inside-most people went wild looking for a resort to settle.

But finally, this beach house welcomed us wholeheartedly…        



This shot reminds me of the movie “Cast Away”. Pero yun din naman talaga naging peg namin.


Oooppps, there is an old abandoned building besides the resort. Scurry!


Despite of what happened all smile pa din si teh. ^_^ Forget the past and enjoy what is present. That’s what I did, Move Forward.


And because it is our special day (June 2), I had moment with my ever dearest boyfie. <3


"Umaarte shot" with the baddest girlfriends. Epekto ng hanging dagat. Lol!


Kaloka ang mga boys enjoy na enjoy lang. Ang saya nila tignan here :p


One of my favorite shot. Di ko alam anong arte nila dito. :)

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// Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania Wave//

If you’ll ask me what kind of music I listen to right now, I will answer you straight with the word K-Pop. Yes, I’m one of those million followers who go loco over South Korea’s songs.

I’ve been listening to western hip-hop, pop, and alternative rock before Korean music hit the billboard charts. However, my passion for Korean Pop started when my sister and I discovered Star King way back 2010. It was a popular variety show in South Korea hosted by Kang Ho Dong that featured talents all over the country with different idols as their guests.

At first, watching Star King is an awkward experience because I really don’t understand their language, but it opened my eyes and ears to the world of K-Pop. Imagine the barrier? You really have to rely on the authentic subs online.

Korean Pop or K-Pop is a musical genre that originated in South Korea which involves an extensive range of musicality and visual elements. Various K-Pop groups are known for their upbeat dance moves while wearing flashy and chic costumes. I was first introduced to Shinee, rnb idols from SM Entertainment, and then different entrances for other groups such as Big Bang and 2NE1 suddenly emerged.


Korean artists are passionate performers. One listener can instantly feel their hearts and souls through the music they are singing. Their music, even though it’s in Korean, is one of the hottest trends today. I am pretty sure people all over the world knows the legendary Psy, the artist behind the first ever video – Gangnam Style – to reach 1 billion views on Youtube.

Anyway, why am I even writing this? Will my blog benefit you? Before you retire from reading this, let me tell you about the recent application that shunts the frustrated Beethoven within me.

I am currently in my mid 20’s so learning how to play a piano or any musical instruments is a bit late for me. I have learned that Koreans are required to learn specific numbers of musical instruments when they were still young. And these K-Pop artists who I dearly adore have been through that stage. When I watched them on reality shows, they already know how to play different musical instruments which proves that they are multi-talented artists.

I was inspired and at the same time envious of their talent making me dream to play the piano someday. Maybe there are still rooms for me to learn as long as I can still picture that trance. Then, a free educational application for kids that features numerous musical instruments suddenly came into existence. Is it a coincidence? Maybe?


Presenting Applabs Digital Studios Inc.’s latest free educational application for kids, the Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania. It is the fourth installment in the admired Maddie and Matt series.

The story of the siblings goes on as they search the world of music. Maddie and Matt’s parents brought them in their Uncle Rob’s gig where they instantly got inspired of becoming like him in the future.

Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania demonstrates 21 different musical instruments including each of the instruments Parts, History, Popular Artists, and Try This Instrument. Interestingly, kids are given the treat to experience the instruments digitally.


However, there are only eight instruments that you can try for free because the rest are all paid, which can be restored once you open the app again. It is just incredible that even I, an elder, can try the instruments in the app as well.

Music Mania enthusiasts can take the quiz after trying out the instruments. Sometimes, it is always best to exercise our brains most especially the little idols.    

I will definitely recommend this to other users specifically the parents. The story in the app is one perfect way to introduce the musical instruments to kids. Let us teach them to appreciate music while their young. Play with Maddie and Matt’s Music Mania now!

I&#8217;m living with a crescent moon right now, my brother is out fishing mermaids, my unicorn still can&#8217;t walk, and I can&#8217;t grow angel wings. 
So I&#8217;ll play with the fairies now :)

I’m living with a crescent moon right now, my brother is out fishing mermaids, my unicorn still can’t walk, and I can’t grow angel wings. 

So I’ll play with the fairies now :)

Why so serious? Oh my God, Big Bang for Gmarket? I’m gonna explode any monument. <3 >_< <3 This is daebak!

loves rainbow
Big Bang
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